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Free online course

I am offering a free online course for anyone who would like to learn more about Islamic banking and finance.
If you wish to sign up, then please subscribe to this site. 
Who is this course for?
It is designed for anyone with an interest in the industry.
Do I need to have prior knowledge?
No, the topic will be introduced on the assumption that delegates have no prior knowledge of Islamic banking.
How will it be delivered?
It will be an online course. I will deliver it live via a suitable platform.
What is the cost to join this course?
This course is free.
How do I join?
Please subscribe to this website, or follow me on twitter (@SafdarAlam) and send me a direct message.
When will the course start?
Soon, as soon as we have enough attendees confirmed.
PLEASE NOTE that this course is now filled. You can express interest in the next free course by subscribing to this site.


Topic 1

  • Introduction to Islamic Law

  • Islamic Commercial Law

Topic 2

Principles for Islamic banking derived from Law

  • Riba

  • Gharar

  • Speculation

  • Rules about debt

Topic 3

  • Riba and banking

  • Alternative approach to business and profits

  • Major contracts used in Islamic banking

    • Mudarabah​

    • Murabaha

    • Ijara

    • Wakala etc

Topic 4

  • Application of contracts in banking and products

    • Deposits

    • Credit cards

    • Home and car finance

  • Transactions in commercial banking​

    • Commercial loans​

    • Syndicated finance

Topic 5

  • Investments

    • direct investments, and funds​

  • Sukuk (Islamic bonds)​

    • how they work​

    • Major contracts and structures

Topic 6

  • Analysis of the Islamic banking market globally

  • Challenges and opportunities

  • Course wrap-up