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How Transactions Work

This series comprises of the following articles:
1) Murabaha Share Finance
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

In this series, I explain how transactions and structures work. Very often, all we see and hear about transactions are headlines:

  • "Bank X launches new investment fund"

  • "Company Y issues largest Sukuk in the Universe"

  • "New Innovative Structure Emphasises How Awesome We All Are"

In addition, where some explanation is given, it is often not by independent parties. The explanation may be provided by someone who has an interest in promoting the product in the best light.

Also, even if an explanation is well-intentioned, it may well be that the writer just isn't knowledgeable enough to provide anything other than superficial commentary.

Based on my experience (of structuring, pricing and executing transactions), I will provide detailed commentary on how things work, and what is going on behind the scenes in order that the product works as the parties want it to work.