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I need your help!


There is something I have to do, it is my duty. I want to leave something solid and tangible to help Muslims understand about finance, economics, and the incredible vision demanded by our religion.

A big part of this is the need to get the message to those who are more capable than me, smarter, have more resources, more energy and can do their bit to make a real change. This is a burden I must discharge as I will be held accountable for it.

A key step to showing what we are capable of doing, is to make sure everyone knows Islamic banking is a perfect example of what we should not, and never, be doing. So I will, in a ton of detail, explain precisely how us Muslims have built a global industry based on deceit. This will serve two purposes. It will show Muslims what to look for, and how to avoid the same traps, and also help to guide us to the true path that we should follow.

I will also speak a lot about my thoughts on ideas, solutions, alternatives, etc.


Now, here is my problem and where I need help.


I am clear on what I want to say, and how to deliver it – it will be via video with plenty of visual aids and explanations.

However, I really do not have the time or ability to market this and make it popular and draw Muslims towards it. My focus is on content, not marketing.

To be clear – I am content to just record it here at home, and post the videos in due course, but I think that is not a great way of reaching out to a wider audience. But I am happy to do it, as it is simple and requires nothing more from me than creating content.


However, if you think there is benefit in finding a good way to reach more Muslims, I need your help.

I need your help to determine what is the best way to do this, to deliver this. My worry is this – and this is based on hard experience from 2 years ago. I offer all this content, for free, and simply ask Muslims to commit to lasting the course and attending. It was simply one “lecture” per week, for five weeks. I thought 50 would be a good number for attendees. So, 50 signed up, then 25 attended the first lecture and this dwindled until only 4-5 attended the 5th and final one. This aspect of Muslims is why I don’t even want to spend my time promoting or marketing my content. I much prefer to sit at home and record the videos, rather than have an audience that has little respect and just cannot be bothered to attend any online webinars etc.


To be clear, this is something I must do. I have written a lot and have made plenty of videos and written a lot of threads here, but I feel this only captures superficial arguments and explanations. I want to present an in-depth, clear, explanation of everything that I have said and hinted at in different places and at different times.

Also – I am making plans to move onwards and work more actively on solutions for Muslims. I am working on my third fintech start up and I want to focus more on these. I do not want to be continuously feeling I need to spend time (all the time) explaining myself, my position, and educating people. I want to do it in one go, boom, and then move onwards.


I have my duty to Allah swt to share what I have had the good fortune to learn. I will be asked about this by my Creator. This is my duty.

And finally, I want to leave something for my family and kids, they know very little about finance and nothing about Islamic finance (they are normal people!) and what I have spent my career doing, so – one day – when they ask what on earth did Dad do? I want them to have something tangible to refer to and see and listen to. This means a lot to me.


Anyway, apologies for explaining all the above, but I have to do this.



Please can YOU help to devise a system for me to deliver my content to Muslims who can attend something live, as that is more productive and interesting than one sided lectures/webinars. Can you also help to market and promote this and get a ready audience that will be committed to lasting the course. This will take some time. In total I expect the webinars/videos to last 10-20 hours. For reference, I did a webinar on one single Sukuk transaction, to explain everything, and it took me 3 hours. So even 20 hours is conservative. It could be one hour a week for however long it takes.


I simply want to turn up, deliver, answer questions and then that is it. I truly would prefer no other commitment on my side. I am not built for all the other associated things I explain above.


Two Outcomes

  1. I will do this on my own, no audience, post to YouTube some day, get 100 views – I will fulfil my duty – I am happy with this outcome.

  2. YOU help to organise an audience, if you think Muslims can benefit, help to arrange the logistics and just tell me where and when to deliver the webinars.



Will I charge for this?

Earning from this is not my aim, I really do not care. However, when I have offered valuable stuff for free, Muslims take advantage, and do not follow through, and treat this with disrespect. Rather than face that, I prefer to sit at home and just record everything myself, on my own. If you guys think charging will improve the ability to reach more Muslims, and get them to take it seriously, I would consider it.



  • Islam and money, finance, economics

  • Moving from rulings to practice

  • What we should NOT be doing – Islamic banking

  • How Muslims use deception to deliver something labelled halal

  • This will cover all financial products from deposits, investments, loans (personal, home finance, car finance, credit cards), derivatives, etc etc

  • What Muslims SHOULD be doing, and how we should approach finance and economics

  • Solutions, alternatives, where do we go from here?

  • Modern developments including green finance, fintech, crypto

  • What Muslims can do today to bring about positive change



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