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Islamic Banking in Practice - Volume 1

This is how Islamic Banking really works.

In a sector where publications focus on theory (and are rarely written by experienced practitioners), the Islamic Banking in Practice series concentrates solely on market practice.  


The evolution of principles into practice is explained clearly and concisely. How is a simple sale of metal used to a deliver total return swap? The reader is guided, step-by-step, as to how financial institutions create products, whilst ensuring compliance with Islamic commercial law.


Written by a globally recognised practitioner, structuring and transactions are presented and explained in detail - covering:

  • Structuring

  • Risk

  • Pricing

  • Documentation

  • Execution


The Islamic Banking in Practice series will cover the following areas:

Volume 1 – Liquidity and risk management

Volume 2 – Sukuk

Volume 3 – Retail banking, financing and investments

Volume 4 – A detailed evaluation of the industry


Safdar Alam is the former Global Head of Islamic Structuring at JP Morgan, and also established the Islamic banking businesses at UBS and Credit Agricole.

Author : Safdar Alam

Formats : Paperback and E-Book

Paperback : 250 pages

Publisher : Fidens Press

Language : English

ISBN : 978-1-913203-01-6

Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches