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Crypto Trading Course

This is a training course designed to teach you to navigate the crypto markets with confidence.

With a general focus on key trading techniques, and how to analyse the charts, this course will prepare you to enter the world of crypto trading with confidence.

The trading techniques taught will also support your trading in other asset classes such as stocks, forex, commoditiies etc.

Course will help you

This training will help you ...

In this course, Safdar Alam will help you learn about the financial markets, with a focus on crypto, and to learn to trade with confidence.

With the recent boom in Crypto markets, Crypto trading is now becoming a very popular concept, as people are now more interested in opportunities to earn an income online. The motivation may be to supplement your income, or be more in control of your time and finances. With fintech development, it is now easier than ever to try out trading and see if this activity can be suitable for you.

However, trading is not for everyone - those who jump in without adequate preparation will find that it is much easier to lose money than to make profit. Indeed, many brokers report that 70%-80% of the clients lose money.

That is why I designed this course - to provide a structured and educated way for people to enter the Crypto market with confidence. As well as the difficulties posed by the markets themselves, crypto trading has, unfortunately, become a very popular area for scams and those trying to take your money dishonestly.

With my reputation in the financial markets built on integrity, working for some of the largest investment banks in the world, my commitment to you is total - I confidently stake my reputation on the quality of training and services I will provide for you.

Be careful of those making promises!

I make no financial promises at all

No get rich quick schemes

No "double your money" within a week, or a month, or any time frame

No secret signals that will make you a millionaire

I will never request any money from you (apart from the cost of registering the course)

The only promises I make are as follows:

I will teach you how the markets work

I will show you how to analyse the markets, with no indicators, based on a deep understanding of the dynamics of the markets and also human psychology that drives the market movements in price

You will have to study and work quite hard to learn the basics!

You will have to spend time practicing and implementing what you learn

It will take you several months to learn basic competence in the markets

And I will be here to train and guide you along the way



Upon registering, you will have immediate access to a short course of 10 videos that will introduce the financial markets and aspects fo trading.

The bulk of the course is delivered by a further series of training videos covering all the key topics outlined below. This enables you to  progress at  your own pace and to consolidate your understanding.

You will also be able to attend live Webinars to ask any questions on the course, and to improve your learning and understanding of any topics.

In addition, you will have access to a forum of other attendees, where you can discuss ideas, and interact on a daily basis.

Halal Trading

You will learn how to ensure your trading is consistent with Islamic principles, and how to avoid impermissible trading involving derivatives

Key Market Phases

Understand the different phases that all markets go through, and have a clear trading strategy for trending and ranging markets

How to Manage Risk

Learn your optimal trade size based on your risk appetite, and how to set the appropriate stop loss - to ensure your potential profit is at least 3 times larger than the potental loss

Your Trading Mindest

Emphasis on the mental aspect of trading - if you learn a great system but have poor emotional control, then y our trading will suffer

A Crypto Exhange

A detailed explanation of what you will find on an exchange, and how to navigate it and understand the various trading features

Understand the Charts

Learn how to approach a chart, with no indicators, and create the required understanding with key levels, structures and trend channels

Understanding Volume

We will focus on how to use volume to add a new dimension of understanding and appreciate of the the charts. Combining this with Price Action will increase your knowledge to the next level

The Key Behind Market Moves

Learn how the market operators execute their plans, and how to read their plans in advance. We will trade with the market operators, and not with the Herd of retail traders

How to Enter Trades

Learn the key trading set ups involved in breakouts, structures, and springs. Each has it's own unique identity and risk - we will learn how to reduce this risk significantly

Using all Time Frames


We will learn how to combine our approach with reading the charts on all time frames, from Daily/Weekly down to the 1 minute/5 minute time frames, so that we can precisely enter trades

Master Momentum

See how to judge the quality and length of a move based on the price action that evolves, and key clues indicated by volume changes

Depth of Market


Understand the Order Book / Depth of Market on an exchange, and how this analysis adds vital context to the price action on the chart, to spot key moves and trading zones


How the markets reflect investor sentiment as well as the key human emotions of greed and fear

How the charts reflect all the key information we need, without the need for indicators and distractions

The importance of having a clear strategy when making trading decisions

The importance of mental discpline, journals and the correct approach to making profits as a trader

How to approach the Crypto markets with confidence and empowerment


You are keen to trade the Crypto markets

You are new to trading and want to know if this can be suitable for you

You already trade but do not have a strategic approach to your trading

You trade and are making some losses

You want to develop a strategy and plan to make regular income from trading

You want to find an alternative source of income and want to try something new


Safdar photo.jpg

Safdar Alam is an investment banker and has worked at some of the largest banks in the world, and has held senior positions at UBS, Credit Agricole and JPM Morgan as Global Head of Islamic Structuring. He writes, consults and teaches about the financial markets. As well as blogging at, he has written for a variety of the most respected publications in the world. He is a published author and his books are available on Amazon.

Safdar has worked on the trading floor in the City of London financial markets fo many years, He has made the move from institutional trading to retail trading, and understands very well the challenges faced by retail traders today.


"Personally I think so far the trading course is excellent. I can easily understand the videos that you provide. I learned a lot about how to trade and how the smart money operates and manipulates on the major key levels. Getting knowledge about ways to take advantage of the market structure during trading without involving too much risk. Also learning how to look for the setup on lower time frame according to major trend in the market." Danial

"The videos and webinars on trading were very interesting and informative. Being a finance person myself I thought they will be about something I already know, but they introduced me to a whole new dimension. The concepts on how the market works, how it reacts, how to read the charts, when should we look for trades and most importantly when not to were amazing. Now I crave to know even more." M Aslam

"Though I know what trading is, I had no idea what it's like to trade. With no prior knowledge, I would say the first 10 basic lectures that you shared are quite helpful for me to be able to follow what you were explaining during the webinar. I'm far from being able to start trading but after the course, I would say I have grasped the idea on the structure of strategical trading, how expert sees the graph, and I believe if I were to go all out and start trading, with this foundation I am able to find things that I need to know and start from there." S. Shariff

"In terms of structure, trendlines, and identifying key levels, your explanation is very clear and easily understood

Your webinars definitely helped me enhanced initial understanding from the videos." Kay


"...the basic thing I have learned is how to read a chart. I was completely blind about trading and about the green and red charts. Other than that, what you taught us so far, is really helpful to understand more about the market itself. And also, I really appreciate on how you deliver this course, because I can understand what you said completely, such as without using difficult term to understand, that really helps me a lot..." N

"I would highly recommend the group mentoring to anyone at any level of understanding. We go through key topics in detail, such as structure, volume, level and trading with the trend. Also the sessions are very interactive, meaning you can ask any question and get a suitable answer. I believe these sessions have made me feel more comfortable while looking at the charts and I believe I now have the tools to be a successful trader." Lekon

"I just wanted to share a quick note on the group mentoring on offer. The topics covered allow a novice like myself develop a strategy for quick short consistent profits. The first sessions introduce the concept of structure , volume and key levels . We then look at each of these topics in detail over the next sessions using 4 specific charts . The first session we looked at setting key levels with no indicators and when to trade and more importantly when not to trade . Over the next sessions we looked at structure volume and trend lines. Safdar then explained how Smart Money operates and we looked trading with the trend ,springs , retest of structure , false breakout.

After session 4 we started looking at different types of candles and more in detail when to enter into trades with the the trend . Safdar then introduced best practices and introduced concept of keeping a journal to learn from the trades.

The training has been interactive and thoroughly helpful I would recommend to any level of learning and is helping me trade safely." Shazad

"I would highly recommend participating in the mentoring group. You have the opportunity to ask any question you want. It definitely will help you to develop a method to trade. It will teach you about the key topics you have to understand to become a profitable trader." Atilla


  • Benefits of trading Crypto on an exchange

  • How to ensure your trading is Halal

  • Getting ready to trade, risk management, protecting your capital

  • How to assess the Risk vs Reward of each trade

  • Different types of trading methods and strategies

  • Crypto market phases

  • Market phases for all trading assets

  • Navigating Binance, the home page and the markets

  • Starting with clean charts and NO INDICATORS

  • Using trend lines, key levels, zones and structures to add context to your chart

  • Important of trend lines and key levels

  • Understanding the key Wcykoff phases and the best trading opportunities

  • Ease of Movement - what this means and how it gives key clues to Price Action

  • The Buying Climax and Selling Climax

  • The Breakout and Retest

  • The importance of always having a Structure

  • the five phases of a structure

  • How Smart Money conducts a Campaign

  • The importance of Volume

  • Different trading entry points

  • Springs - high volume springs, low volume springs and retests

  • The Breakout and Retest in more detail

  • How to ensure you obtain a 3:1 ratio of Reward to Risk at all times

  • How to calculate the correct position size of each trade

  • Using shorter Time Frames for a precise trade entry

  • How to combine the use of different timeframes to improve your analysis and trading plan

  • Trade management - how to manage your trade during its life

  • Combining trend channels with key levels and zones

  • The importance of very high volume on a chart or in a phase

  • How Smart Money manage the price action in a structure, and how they build positions

  • Shake out or tire out - how Smart Money deals with opposing forces

  • No supply candles after Signs of Strength

  • How to accurately judge the momentum of a swing, and how to spot when it is tiring out

  • Depth of Market on BInance - what it means, how it operates, and how to use it to support your trading plan and your trade entry and exit


  • I have never traded before, will this course be too advanced for me?"
    Not at all. You will have a series of 10 introductory videos to review to help you, before you review the video training course. Everything is explained in a clear manner without jargon. You can ask questions at any time in the trader's forum, or during the webinars.
  • I have traded before, will this course be too basic for me?"
    If you trade and consistently make profits, and manage your risk, then you are doing well! However, in my experience it is possible to be trading for several years without a clear approach, a defined strategy and being confused by all the conflicting methods. This course will assist you in all these areas,
  • What if this course is just not for me, can I get a refund?"
    Upon registering, you will have access to all the course material. As such, providing a refund is a difficult matter. However, if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me before registering for the course. If, after registering, you still feel the course is not for you, I am happy to discuss this with you and make suitable arrangements.
  • I am not sure if I should do Level 1 first - is it too basic?
    Not at all. During Level 1, we cover a lot of areas, and some are quite difficult to grasp and understand well. Although we will still cover a lot of technical areas in Level 2, there is additional focus on strategy and management, which are vital areas to master in order to become a competent trader.
  • Do you offer 1:1 mentoring?
    Yes, this can be arranged after a brief consultation. Any mentoring will not be included in the basic cost of this course.Mentoring details are on our Discord Server, please contact me for details.
  • After reviewing the course videos, if I still have questions, can I ask you?"
    Of course! This is why each level includes 2 live webinars to cover all the questions you have. In addition, I am very responsive in the traders forum. This is where you will actually learn a lot about how to put the training into practice in your trading activities.
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