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Is Forex Trading Halal?

Is Forex Trading Halal?
Part 1-1

Part 1-1

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Part 2-1

Part 2-1

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Part 3-1

Part 3-1

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List of Contents

Part 1
  1. Trading in general - what is trading?

  2. Is trading halal?

  3. Rules of buying and selling

  4. Currency has different rules

  5. Trading vs Investing

  6. Day trading

Part 2
  1. In order to be halal, it depends on what asset you are buying

  2. And how you buy it

  3. Buying the asset vs buying exposure to the asset

  4. Buying exposure (only) is a derivative

  5. Buying halal equities

  6. Buying gold, oil, an index, Bitcoin

  7. What is a CFD - Contract for Difference?

  8. What is spread betting?

Part 3
  1. Is a CFD and spread betting the same thing?

  2. Is Forex trading the same as a CFD?

  3. Is a CFD Halal?

  4. Real Forex transactions

  5. Compared to retail forex transactions

  6. Why is it called "Retail" Forex trading?

  7. Buying a derivative instead of currency

Part 4
  1. How does a CFD trade work in retail forex?

  2. What products are traded as CFDs?

  3. How do I know if I am trading a CFD?

  4. Clues - margin, leverage

  5. Need niether of these if you actually buy and sell currency

Part 5
  1. "Halal" Forex trading accounts

  2. What the brokers claim

  3. What they broker actually means

  4. So, is this Halal?

  5. Why Muslims (sometimes) want to be confused

Part 6
  1. What do Scholars say?

  2. What can we trade in a halal manner?

  3. Equities, and fractional shares

  4. So .... Is Forex Trading Halal?

  5. The clues

  6. How to ensure your trading is halal

  7. "Islamic" Forex accounts

  8. What is your intention here?

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